aka Axiy

  • I live in Axiyland
  • I was born on June 28
  • My occupation is Pixel Artist
  • I am Male
  • Axiy

    Axiy News 2

    February 5, 2012 by Axiy


    Welcome to Axiy news 2 here are the subjects we will be talking about.

    1.Axiy News

    2.Rahama's Kids


    4.Big Freeze


    Axiy News existed almost one month! That's alot right! And now we got a Twitter version of Axiy News don't just read Axiy News on the computer, read it on the IPhone here! And now we got a new Paintblower they are my people and they work for me don't forget we have a wheater reporter in Minecraft.

    • Minecraft Axiy: It rain'n.


    And back to Axiynews, sports Lockehorn vs Toxic in tennis. 3-3 they both won!

    As some of you know, Rahama has kids they have names Spike, Lagama, Rahama Junior, Isabella, Talama, Annabella, as some of you know Annabella is now RSK's pet. And in my userpage only Rahama junior and Annabella…

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  • Axiy

    Axiy News

    January 12, 2012 by Axiy

    Hello, welcome to Axiy news here are the subjects we will be talking about today.

    1.I found Untesty

    2.My goldfish

    3.Umm actually this ones a question


    After 2 or 3 months I finally found Untesty he is in The Mysterious user's house, now I don't know how to get him back that thing I wrote on my page was just a joke I think.

    I was in the pet store and I brought a goldfish, my brother got a white/silver/gray/red fish but I don't know what to name them and maybe you can find a Dutch name, I hope you got good idea's. Now there are 2 names over: Bulb and Joop, whitch one is the best. Feel free to feed my goldfish here .

    In most of the user pages people are dividing them in pieces, I don't know how to do it and can you please tell me how to do it,…

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  • Axiy

    My Map of Nitrome fanart

    December 16, 2011 by Axiy

    Hey guys,

    I've been making some fanart these days and my 7-9 hours of studying and 1 hour of playing is now 7-8 hours of studying and 2 hours of playing that means I have more time and I want to share you some pictures of my fanart. I finished 2/3 of it and I will show you some pictures but ask me if you want to see the whole thing the people are mutiny people sizes and it's small. The guys are taking place in Hot Air, Chick Flick and Ribbit. I put characters from almost all of the games. This is not my only fanart I also have Steamlands fanart and Mutiny 2 fanart ask me if you want to see it.

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  • Axiy

    Hey guys,

    Well guys as you read the title I have 7-9 hours studying and 1 hour playing, my dad thought about this idea so I had to do it, he took away the computer I finished 40 games in so thats my announcement so bye. It might be because my teacher gave me a B in English I made all my tests good in English I'm the only one who actully gets an A in my tests other people have E's (That means everything wrong).

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  • Axiy

    My IPhone Art

    September 12, 2011 by Axiy

    Here's my IPhone Art The first one shows and the second one is how Canary 214 LE is calling Miner Canary on an IPhone

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