Good Highlights

  • Completed two comics in a week
  • Was a teacher in Vacation Bible School
  • Caught a willd LEGIT Steelix on Pokemon Diamond
  • Sister finds Pokemon Sapphire game that I lost
  • Sees the epic evolution of Voltorb to Electrode XD
  • Finally creates a SERIOUS Carter drawing
  • Santi highlights and colors the drawing mentioned above!
  • Buys ANOTHER My Little Pony set (for myself >:D) It's purple :3
  • FWIED EGGZ!!!!
  • TinyCastleGuy and I are writing Nitrome Must Die 2!!!!
  • Wrote a dark ending to my fanfiction: J.U.S.T.I.N!!!!
  • Got past Yoshi's Island level Hookbill the Koopa!

New Section: Song of the Week!

File:Super Ponybeat — Discord (EuroChaos Mix) The Original!
I suggest this song to anybody who loves Dubstep, Remixes, and Discord!!!!

Bad Highlights

  • My mom caught a cold :(
  • I thought everyone hated me on Monday because no one was talking to me
  • The kids I was teaching wouldn't stop asking for juice or going to the bathroom
  • I didn't know Yoshi was a boy :O
  • I forgot The Nitrome Yeti's birthday :'(
  • Besides that, I've been forgetting other people's birthdays. I'm so sorry. PLEASE DON'T HATE ME! :'(

New Section: Other Things!

  • I might go on a bus trip in August to Washington :)
  • I'll write endings for my other fanfictions next week

That is all! I'm Austincarter4ever, and I remember Austin Carter <3 Nitrome Must Die so you don't have to!


What did the boy say when he arrived on time to school?

I'm Justin time!

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