Good Highlights

  • Frozen Yogurt :P
  • Learned More About Siri
  • Created a Carter Austin Video Montage. It will be in the section Song of the week, of course!
  • Is going on a trip to Washington DC tomorrow :D
  • Saw friends around town
  • Chatted with NoahCompher333 on Facebook
  • Swedish Fish :P
  • Siri said she was 'in the cloud' O.o

Pokemon Highlights

  • Trained my NMD Team on Platinum (Austin the Gallade) (Carter the Umbreon) (Justin the Leafeon) (Bennet the Jolteon) (Enda the Skarmory) I'm yet to find a G1-4 Pokemon that resembles Ave...
  • I can't think of any more for this section because I was playing on my iphone THE WHOLE WEEK

Song of the Week

BRODYQUEST. The song is rythimic, but this guy... he haunts my dreams O_O

Extra Video:

Carter's Awesome Montage!

File:When I'm Curtsying
Austin's New Pet

...Is a Husky! I'm great at drawing dogs, but I need YOUR help! Please suggest the name and Gender of the Husky in the comments section!

Person of the week

Goes to Axiy! He helped me think of the pet idea in the first place! Thanks, man!

Bad Highlights

  • Almost got Siri taken away
  • I won't be availabe tomorrow, as I will be out ALL day...
  • The flavor of Nutella is overpowering in a fro-yo...

That's all for now...

So if there's anything you want to comment on, comment on the following:

  • WAC's Husky's Gender and Name
  • Trip to Washington
  • Carter's Montage
  • Why YOU should be person of the week
  • Ask Siri a Question

I'm Austincarter4ever, and I remember Austin Carter Nitrome Must Die so YOU don't have to! Hope you had a GREAT week!

AustinMusic AC4E! (Lair Stork Shoot) JustinPhoto 22:10, August 24, 2012 (UTC)

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