What's up <insert name here>? It's AustinCarter4Ever!

I was so happy about last Wednesday (along with Saturday) that I forgot to write a blog about it! Well, here it is!

My Mom and I Went to the Zoo Instead of New York

Yeah, remember in my last blog how I said that we were going to New York that Wednesday? Well, we didn't. Instead, I convinced her that we should still go out somewhere. She asked me where, and I decided that we should go to the local zoo (called the Turtle Back Zoo). So I put on a very green outfit and my mom and I drove down to the zoo. On the way, we saw new attractions added besides the Zoo. There's now paddleboating and Mini Golf, which are both activities on my bucket list. How convenient ^_^

My Mom Was Tired Most of the Time

Yup. There wasn't one exhibit we'd pass without her sitting down. I wondered if she was superglued to the benches because she DID NOT feel like walking around. I hope she's okay...

I had a lot of fun ^w^

So much happened at the zoo that it's hard to choose which moments were the best. But here are a few things that happened that I really enjoyed.

  • There was an aviary filled with Budgies. They were so colorful and sounded very happy ^_^
  • I heard a live rooster crow right in front of me. It sounds even better when you see it happen right in front of you :3
  • I touched multiple stingrays; they all felt really smooth. I thought they were called Stingrays because they stung. But why would people want to touch them if they did? Now I know! :D
  • I saw two bald eagles! I really like Bald Eagles! :)

We almost explored the whole zoo

Yup! But then it started raining and we had to go home early. Oh well ^^

Best of all

I couldn't decide on what to write for my next episode of Defenders of Cloud Kingdom. After seeing the eagles and the macaws, I got a great idea :D


A friend invited me over to her house! We walked a lot of YouTube videos together, drew pictures together, ate pork ribs together, and watched TV together! Only terrible thing that happened? I fell asleep <:)

Also, I went to the Gameathon as usual and we finally played Canary!!!! YAY!!!!


Okay, I might be going to New York tomorrow! And if I do, I'll write a blog post for it! YAY!!!! :3

Thanks for reading!

I know this one was a bit brief, but I would prefer that over writing a really long one! Have a nice day! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! <3

AustinMusic AC4E! (Lair Stork Shoot) JustinPhoto 18:04, August 25, 2015 (UTC)

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