Hey guys, AC4E here. I'm very excited for Halloween, as I already had my costume planned and done in August. Early, huh?

Anyways, on with the subject. It happened yesterday when I came to chat as I always do. FrostyFlyTrap was already in the chat room, and he asked me if I were waiting for TinyCastleGuy. I replied yes, and I also said that I noticed he was there and I liek talking to him too. Honestly. His replies can be slow sometimes, but I think that's because he wants to answer in the best way possible. From there, everything was fine. Later on, TCG did come, and then we had a conversation together; it was great. A while after that, TCG said he needed to get off, and even after that, I tried staying in chat. It constantly froze, and soon, Frosty left. Now here's where the problem starts. Though TCG said he needed to get off, he was able to come baki. I was overjoyed. We talked some more, and when Frosty came baki because he saw us, I could feel rage in the words he sent (even though this isn't skype). He furiously typed (I remember this as best as I can) 'YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY WAITED ME OUT?! Is THAT how much you hate me?!' TCG and I were having too much fun at the moment to see that he was mad, but he soon left afterward.

All in all Frosty, I'm sorry, and I'm sure TCG is too. We don't hate you, and read the whole thing: we didn't wait you out! I have great memory, and I remember this predicament happening like this. This is a misunderstanding.

Does anyone else beg to differ? Post your opinion in the comments! Austincarter4ever out! TENKAI KNIGHTS :D AustinMusic AC4E! (Lair Stork Shoot) JustinPhoto 20:29, October 28, 2013 (UTC)

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