Okay, I took any advice that was left in the comments of my last blog (Thanks, NOBODY, RSK, and Klemen!), but despite the advice, I think I've officially lost my edge in editing on this wiki. I'm just gonna take a short little break. I'm sure the wiki will still do fine with one less editor for a while. I just don't have that same edge as I used to during that first day of editing. I feel so old O.o

I'll still come to Live!Chat and I'll still be working on my fanfiction, but I'll try to regain my edge soon. Just need to get my act together, that's all! I'm not depressed or anything, I'm totally fine! Everybuddy loses their edge at one thing in certain parts of their lives...

Don't miss me too much, okay? I'll be baki soon... ;)

AustinMusic AC4E! (Lair Stork Shoot) JustinPhoto 01:43, May 29, 2014 (UTC)

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