Hello, fellow Wikians!

Before kicking off the weekly highlights, I've been getting quite excited recently. School's almost over, and I'm close to earning the "Addicted" badge on the Fanfiction Wiki. With the Highlights, I have a TON to cover from my week.

Chicken Noodle Soup... SWEET!

  • Earned a B+ on a really hard test
  • Entered ANOTHER Image contest
  • Snagged all of the pudding in the fridge
  • Played Super Treadmill's game theme at a recital
  • Sister's birthday is June 9th, which is the same as Fishybuz'
  • Is happy to know that wikians like my Fanfiction and want me to write more.
  • Is invited to a teacher's wedding :3

Um, there's a fly in it... YUCK :(

  • No one cares about my piano recital tomorrow, not even my parents...
  • One of my best friends broke my pencil sharpener, so expect sloppy coloring until I get a new one...
  • Okairus believes I don't put 100% into my fan art, and therefore, it sucks.
  • Is sad to know that 2 people are happy that I won't be doing NMD fan art for a while :o

Um, I have a theory...

Hear me out, guys. What if the two people were Austin and Justin???? It could be SO possible. In my fan arts, I make them really cute, which would probably disgust someone like them. That is my only theory so far, but I know it could have been an Internet troll or someone who hates my Butterscotch-coated soul.

Who Do YOU Think Oposses Me?

The poll was created at 20:49 on June 8, 2012, and so far 2 people voted.

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