Hey guys, this is Austincarter4ever, and I've been noticing a trend with certain pages on the wiki. Even if the character/item/object/hazard has that actual name in the game, it is left without a blue check mark to confirm that that name is canon in the game it appears in. This is most prominent with enemy names (that is, if their name is canon). Clone scientists is a canon name, so why doesn't it have a check mark in its template? So do you think it would be a good to make my idea a project? Together, we can give all the Nitrome characters that has canon names their check marks! This will prevent confusion in knowing if the name is canon. Good idea or not? It's okay if you don't think it is, but I've been trying to be more modest recently. AustinMusic AC4E! (Lair Stork Shoot) JustinPhoto 00:57, April 25, 2014 (UTC)

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