Good Highlights

  • FINALLY, I GOT MAH IPHONE!!!! More is to be explained below...
  • Set up Iphone and used cute fanarts as wallpaeper
  • Is yet to go on a trip to Washington DC :)
  • Played around with Siri until the Battery reached 1%
  • Helped her mom to SHREAD STUFF >:D
  • Chatting with friends :)
  • Changed my avatar to PURPLE Link :3

Pokemon Highlights

  • Austin the Gallade faught hard at the Battle Frontier but fainted 3 times!!!! But AC4E knows that he still loves her...
  • Though she doesn't have any previous evperience with Ekans, she got hers to EVOLVE :O
  • Lost at Battle Hall to a SKUNTANK >:O Stupid poisoning :'(
  • Beat the Elite 4 on Platinum twice in a row. Austin didn't need to use Swords Dance so much due to his HIGH LEVEL

Song of the week

Try reading "Ave and Enda to the rescue" as soon as the heroic part kicks in :)

File:Pokemon Black and White - Gym Leader's Last Pokemon Theme EXTENDED

Person of the Week

And the winner is... MY DAD! Though he was reluctant at first, he still got me my phone! THE WAIT IS OVER!!!!


My mom and dad believe that the Iphone4S even allows you to edit wiki pages. Well, they're wrong, and I'm trying to tell them. So this'll probably be the last day I'll be chatting on Nitrome/Fanfiction Wiki. So if you want to send me a message after this, don't be afraid to.

Bad Highlights

  • Yes, the section above counts...
  • An Octillery used FLAMETHROWER on me >:O

*sigh* that is all :(

So yeah, I doubt I'll be missed much, but If you want to leave a message on my wall, you can do that, and I'll reply in a day or so, but I can no longer chat. This is Austincarter4ever, (probably) forever leaving chat.

AustinMusic AC4E! (Lair Stork Shoot) JustinPhoto 16:11, August 17, 2012 (UTC)

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