Hey Guys and Girls! AC4E here! I go back to school on September 10th, so I just have a little more Summer to go!

Speaking of Summer, I finished my comic series NMDFanfictionMon! Quite a few people said that the ending was great, and I appreciate your feedback! Thanks to everybuddy who got a cameo and helped me with the writing of it!

(And thanks to you for reading)

Mah Boi TinyCastleGuy gave me the idea that I should do another NMDFFM! So here's the teaser:


Yeah, I know. iPhones don't make for the best cameras on Wikia, but my PC is being cleaned by a pro right now...

Just to burst your bubble right now, NONE of the old cast will be seen... They might be mentioned, but that's highly unlikely, as this is going to be the G1 version.

Austin is gonna be the mascot for this comic, and his evolution may as well be different from his NMDFFM G3 counterpart.

You may sign up for a cameo in the comments section. If you previously cameoed, you may register again, if you liek. Anybuddy who didn't make it on the party boat for the last G3 episodes, I recommend that you sign up here.

(For the format, see my previous post, 'Last Minute Cameo')

That is all for now! If I have any free time during the school year, I'll start the comic series from there. Stay cool!

AustinMusic AC4E! (Lair Stork Shoot) JustinPhoto 00:49, August 27, 2013 (UTC)

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