<insert username here>, I thank you for caring about how my week went along. As always, I'll post my weekly highlights (good and bad)

Oh Goodie!

  • Created a song parody that revolved around the Wikia universe (view it here )
  • Got Friday off from school
  • Participated in an Orchestra Recital
  • Ate a cupcaek without there being a special occaision (everytime I eat a caek, I'll maek a fanart)
  • Earned $1.50 for doing one's fingernails (Stylish!) ;D

Oh, Carter, Here They Come...

  • Chased brother 'round teh house (and vice versa :o)
  • Was bossed around by Okairus (gotta stand my ground) >:(
  • Ate a WHEAT bagel (yuck)
  • Almost got current fan art vandalized

Cave Chaos 2 is Defeated!

Anyway, I beat Cave Chaos 2 (despite its agginess) and plan on beating Headcase ! Any heads up (no pun intended)? Any past experiences you want to share? Post it in the comments section or message me!

Which was the EASIEST Nitrome Game (so far)?

The poll was created at 21:23 on May 25, 2012, and so far 3 people voted.

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