Okay, before I get into anything, I'd like to thank you for clicking on this. This isn't an extremely meloncholy post like you'd expect from a title like that, but it's leaning on it. Again, thank you.

Okay, so I need advice on not being a crybaby. I can't control my tear ducts and whenever I can't, they get me in trouble or make me look terrible (tears of joy don't count, my friends are all okay with tears of joy).

Due to not being able to control when I cry, I (feel like I) ruin the Gameathon and my mom doesn't think that I can take critisism/advice. I can take both those things (and I listen to them), but my eyes start acting up for no reason. If it's not a health problem, I really don't understand why I cry so much. I live a good live with good people, so I don't understand. 

So if you have any advice, just leave it below. Thank you.

AustinMusic AC4E! (Lair Stork Shoot) JustinPhoto 02:44, September 22, 2015 (UTC)

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