Is everyone having a good weekend so far? Great! I tried Swindler, but my computer continuously lagged on it and I gave up on lvl 2. Congratulations to those who beat it, and luck to beating other Nitrome Games in the future! I can't think of anything else to say, so have a great weekend, and enjoy Swindler, 'cause my Dell computer sucks! Time for me to buy a Pear computer!

Me: Austin, can I have some money to buy a computer?

Austin: I don't know...

Me: Oh, come on! I guided you through 100 floors of a dangerous tower filled with Employees and past Nitrome...

Austin: Is that why I kept falling into spikes?! Dang it, I wasn't wearing shoes, and I never will! Go away before I run you over with my bike! Besides, I have to work on some games!

Me: I'll work for your company 7 days a week for the money!

Austin: Deal!

Me: (\ ^3^ /) Splendid!



Youtube: Mariahs6

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