Let's Eat Moar Caek!

How y'all doing? Did you have an auestome week, or was it simply awful week? I have a simple blog post this week, and it only has a few questions:

  • How do I animate a screenshot?
  • When does Fishybuz's photo contest (on fanfiction wiki) end (MAKE ME LOSE ALREADY!)?
  • What should I buy my mom for Mother's day?

Oh, almost forgot...

Good Highlights of mah week!!!!

  1. Learned how to take screenshots (Thanks CanD!)
  2. Went on a field trip
  3. Drew a fan art while on the trip
  4. Ate another Bagel

Speaking of, in one fan art, I declaired Carter "God of the Bagels" XD

Bad Highlights of the week!!!!

  1. Lost her temper due to the presence of a rude 7th grader
  2. Had Austin Carter fan art mistaken for a Mudkip O.o
  3. Dropped her Fan Art clipboard for the 4th time in a row
  4. Accidently scares NOBODY from the chat room by being a ♫singing female ninja

​And that's it...

If you have questions or anything, don't be afraid to message me. This concludes the friday blog post...

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