Hey, this is Austin4ever with your weekend blog post! How was your entire week? If it was crummy, feel free to skip to the weekly skit! Guess what? I actually left a comment on Davie Cowen's Youtube page (music composer of Nitrome Must Die, Super Treadmill, and many others) and... HE REPLIED!!!! *Girly Scream* He said, "Hey, thanks for the kind words about my music! I'm really glad that you enjoy playing Nitrome games, Nitrome must die is a favourite of mine too :)". I'd like to meet him in real life along with the Nitrome Wiki user Grammar Cat. They're really awesome people when you talk to them for a while. If I could, I would give Grammar Cat the Friendship Award. Without further ado, the weekly skit!

Me: Okay, I'm done with the first game! It's called Cold Air!

Austin: Hmm... there's not a flaw in sight. Here's $10,000!

Me: Woah, that's a lot of money! Are you sure?

Austin: We're going to make money off of ads! What's the big deal?

*I sniff the air*: I'd say the smell. What is it?

Austin: Probably Justin's sweatshirt.

Me: It smells like he sweat in it at least a million times and never took it off.

Justin: I heard you. I'm not taking it off!

Me: Justin, there's nothing to hide about yourself. Let me...

*Justin removes his hood*

Me: Mother of Austin Carter! It's beautiful!

Justin: I hate being brunette.

Me: There's nothing wrong with it! In fact, I can get your sweatshirt washed in a jiffy! Meanwile, can you be a dear and take a shower?

Justin: If it's anything to be reunited with my favored article of clothing.


Justin: Hmm... a jiffy seemed like forever! Where's my...

*I hold up the partially ruined sweater*

Justin: What happened?!

Me: That was it's original color... Pink.

Justin puts back on his sweatshirt, while Austin tries to hold back a few laughs.

Me: Maybe we can do something with your hair, Austin.

Austin: Oh, no! Do NOT drag me into this!



Youtube: Mariahs6

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