(Even though my mom still calls me hanging out with any of my friends a playdate. Oh, the backlash of being the youngest child!!!!)

Hello, <insert name here>!!!! Thanks for stopping by! I'm AustinCarter4Ever, and today, I hung out with one of my IRL friends (I even told him I was having so much fun hanging out with him that I'd write a blog post)!

We planned out what we were gonna do all week since he was only available today!

After my usual Saturday Morning Cartoons, I went upstairs, called him to ask when he'd be ready, and then clean my room.

I had never showed him my room before, but something inside me told me that I should for the heck of it.

When he arrived, we hung out in the basement, ate Nacho Cheese Doritos (I had almost the whole plate because I didn't have any breakfast) and watched TV. I also showed him some Vine compilations and one of my favorite SuperMarioLogan videos "Bowser Jr.'s Big Mess". In addition, I let him play Tomodachi Life on my 3DS. The only persons I trust with my 3DS are the friends I play Smash with, my sister, a friend I made in Spanish this year, and this friend. Anyone else seems like an anger explosion waiting to happen.

Whilst he played Tomodachi Life, he composed lots of songs, made a Mii that looked liek himself. He fed him Bacon (much to his displeasure of finding out that his Mii hated Bacon) and give him three new interiors and lots of clothes. After checking the leaderboards and seeing that his Mii was still at the bottom (mostly), he begged me to make his Mii the most popular Mii on the island.

(At least his Mii placed higher than my Shrek Mii on one of the leaderboards)

We went upstairs because I kept bumping my feet on various exercise equipment XD

After that, my parents had prepared a barbeque. I had a cheeseburger, some corn, some chicken, and some beans (I was so hungry) while he just had a hot dog and a cheeseburger.

After my parents, my friend, and I had small talk, we went back upstairs and played Twin Shot 2. He wanted to beat the crap out of me since he didn't know why I kept winning XDDD

After being so salty about losing, he played more Tomodachi Life and I showed more Vine compilations. The time flew so fast that it wasn't too long until he had to go home.

All in all, he had a great time and proposed that we do something again next week. We hugged, and then he left.


Thanks for reading! I love you! :3

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