Okay, this is the last straw!!!! I just realized something: I'm completely USELESS on this wiki! I've been replaced by Tema because no one cares about me or believes me anymore. Everyone thinks I'm crazy! But that's okay because I was never useful on here anyways. I was never useful anywhere but the fanfiction wiki.

So since I know there's someone here who can already edit better than me and is liked more by everyone, I'm going to quit Nitrome Wiki because no one will notice the difference if I leave. The world is completely against me and the only person I can trust seems to be me. I promised I wouldn't leave, but consider this an undo! Tema was destined to replace me from the moment he joined. I'm a waste of space on this wiki anyways. All I did was cause problems and make everyone miserable on this wiki. I'm sure that by leaving, I'm making the right choice.

You can hit me up on the FF Wiki, but you'll waste your time. I'm not worth anyone's time… Goodbye 4Ever.

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