Good Highlights

  • Graduated 8th grade
  • Got her Nintendo DS back
  • Returns to doing NMD fan art
  • Ate tacos with friends
  • Gets Austin to level 65 (Pokemon-wise)
  • Earns the "Mount Nevernest" Badge
  • Attended her first "Dinner Dance"
  • Is apart of the "Stranded on an Island" story, along with her character Carter Austin

I'm also glad to be considered a part of the main "Nitrome Wiki" team :D

Bad Highlights

  • Brother is being mean and forcing SA to get off the computer WAY earlier than she has to >:(
  • Iphone is coming a little later than expected
  • Many people believe that I have problems due to an awkward voice.

So yes, I am out of school, and I plan on devoting MORE TIME TO THIS WIKI. Many will groan, while others shall cheer. Personally, what do you think? If you have any questions, comments or concerns, Comment in the space below!

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