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  • I live in Maplewood, New Jersey
  • I was born on January 5
  • My occupation is Making comics and befriending everyone
  • I am Female :3
  • AustinCarter4Ever

    What's going on, everybuddy? It's me, AustinCarter4Ever. In this blog, I'll be covering who signed up for Christmas Comic 2015 and the results for the votes. If you signed up AND voted (or just signed up/voted), thank you so much ^w^

    Now about a week ago, I asked my friends on this wiki if they'd like to join my Christmas Comic. Like last year, many were eager to join. In order, here's who joined. If you're returning, your name will be bold. If you're a newcomer, your name will be normal. In addition to my friends on this wiki, one of my IRL friends is joining the CC Fray this year. In addition, she signed up extremely early once I told her about the one from last year. She signed up on November 11th, 2015. That's pretty early :P

    But I digre…

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    'Sup, Everybuddy? This is AC4E!!!!

    Last year, I thought of making the Christmas Comic be a one-time thing. However, I had too much fun writing it last year and I'm sure everyone who signed up had fun reading it last year! So I'm gonna be doing ANOTHER Christmas Comic! It will be called Christmas Comic 2015!

    I would have called it "Christmas Comic 2", but this isn't a direct sequel to the first one. Fatta (Santa Nitrome Boss) and The Christmas Spirit will be in this, but they won't be doing much. Sitting at home watching Christmas Specials on television is probably the most that they'll be doing :P

    This year will be slightly different with its release schedule. It will be three comics the second week of December and three comics the third week…

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    Dear Friends (Past and Present who will probably all be past after this),

    I can't hold this in any longer. I did something wrong and the right thing to do is confess. So here I go:

    I caused Nitromian Poptropica to leave. In his recent summary of his userpage, he said "Don't call me NP. It sounds childish if you ask me." That's the nickname I used to call him. That just confirmed to me that it was my fault he left. I don't deserve anything but hatred. He was a great guy and I caused him to leave because I became too interested in him.

    We started drifting apart when he wanted to cameo in my main comic NMDFanfictionMon. Since three other users (Mixlix, Megaphantaze, and Strplumboder) wanted to cameo at the same time, I had to even out the amount o…

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    I Need Some Advice

    September 22, 2015 by AustinCarter4Ever

    Okay, before I get into anything, I'd like to thank you for clicking on this. This isn't an extremely meloncholy post like you'd expect from a title like that, but it's leaning on it. Again, thank you.

    Okay, so I need advice on not being a crybaby. I can't control my tear ducts and whenever I can't, they get me in trouble or make me look terrible (tears of joy don't count, my friends are all okay with tears of joy).

    Due to not being able to control when I cry, I (feel like I) ruin the Gameathon and my mom doesn't think that I can take critisism/advice. I can take both those things (and I listen to them), but my eyes start acting up for no reason. If it's not a health problem, I really don't understand why I cry so much. I live a good live wi…

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  • AustinCarter4Ever

    I'm Having a Q&A!

    September 2, 2015 by AustinCarter4Ever

    Dear Fans of my Fanfiction,

    I'm having a Q&A in Nitrome Wiki/Nitrome Fanfiction Wiki Chat on Thursday September 3rd, 2015. It's mainly due to the fact that I'm returning to school the next day and I released a lot of content over the Summer. In addition, I'm going to talk about my next fanfiction. You can ask questions about:

    • NMDFanfictionMon
    • Dragon Fails
    • Defenders of Cloud Kingdom
    • AC4E is Absent
    • Testangles
    • Any of my OCs
    • My next fanfiction (when it's revealed)

    I'm going to hold the event all day, so please stop by and ask me a question! Thanks for reading!

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