This is my first blog post, so please leave a message each time you visit!

Hi all, I wanted help in giving names to new batch of kittens, (Yes, that 4 kittens, if you guessed.) So, here is the details about those little ones.

  1. Full Jet Black, Male
  2. Overall Black, with white paws and white underbelly, small white stripe on forehead, Male
  3. Grey with black stripes, white and light brown underbelly, Female
  4. Same as the grey one, just more darker, Female

I know this seems silly but, hey, it's my first blog post! Have fun deciding names!

This blog, as of now, is closed.

You may continue to leave msgs to your will, however.

Remember that these kittens are named, here is their names:





Still if you want to name something, here are 2 more kittens who happendly arrived on spot near our door with their mom. (Their mom is one of our cat.)

Details of the two:

1.Orange with Darker coloured stripes on legs and underbelly, Female.

2.Jet Black and VERY Fluffy, Female.

That's all. (Naming these two kittens is OPTIONAL.)

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