does not use a touchscreen.

is right handed.

either identifies as a he or she.

and published blog posts without text for some weird reason, actually I guess this is my device or wikias fault lol nvm

lol I'm sorry, but I hope this will let you know that our audience is very broad and its 2016.

if I have offended you, I'm sorry. ;( I didn't mean to, and never will.

imma copy this from chat:
the point is that the wiki uses "he/she can do blah blah blah by clicking the left mouse button"
it should be "primary mouse button or tapping" or something like this
and instead of he/she, it should be "they" or "one" or something like this
buttttt that's just my idea of a 2016 wiki

and you can disagree :D

by the way this is just a generic example you wont find anywhere on the wiki. I tried putting it all into one sentence, but parts of it should be at least a tad familiar if you look around

PC Mouse Left Clickyet another edit: the left mouse button thing more applies to this.... derp now I guess what I said above is really pointless since theres only one case of right handedness now afaik after doing a search

but the other two points, taps and identity, are still there :D

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