Hi! I'm gonna blog about some random stuff suggested by AC!

My opinion on a Nitrome game

I like them all! But I haven't played all. :/

My week

Kinda slow 'cause it was my semester break. Classes start again for me tomorrow. :/

Help request

I don't need help 'cause I have the How to namespace on Uncyclopedia. And yes, I do exactly what is there. *finds cliff* *goes to top* *jumps* *does flip* *does barrel roll* *rinses* *repeats* *dyes (hair pink)* :D

New collab/fan fic announcement

I'm not really creative. The only thing I made that was a fan fic was this, but even that isn't really creative. :/

Taking a break/leaving

*leaves blog without finishing and rages* >:(

Ode to someone

As I said, I'm not creative. :/

Opinion request

Be honest.


The poll was created at 03:27 on February 10, 2015, and so far 8 people voted.

My dog

I ate it.

My cat

I ate it.

My goldfish

I ate it.

My pineapple

I ate it.

My avatar

I ate it.

A funny/strange moment in a game I'm playing

Nothing really funny/strange, though I have other gaming stuff to share:

  • I got all Game Center achievements for Goat Simulator! :D
  • I got all in-game achievements for Goat Simulator except for three! :D
  • I got all goats in Goat Simulator! :D
  • I became a douchebag! :D


I ate some food. I liked the food. Pineapples are food. Food is awesome. :D

Trip to somewhere

I didn't go anywhere recently. :/

I've been on this wikia for...

If you are extremely bored, you can help me find out. (I guess not everything is on Uncyclopedia.) I'm not sure because I'm too lazy to check. xD

Comment below and recommend some more blog ideas!

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