Completed. :D

User:Anonymoustyd/tablet and mobile optimized (more like only tablet portrait :P)

Should we switch to a main page that looks like this? (You'll have to preview it in the editor on a portrait-orientation tablet or a window that looks like one. Make sure to select tablet portrait under the preview menu too.)

This is a style more optimized for tablet portrait users. The main difference from the current page is the side/bottom headers. As you can tell, the headers on the right/bottom look quite different from the left side, and this may not be pleasing to see for some of you.

These headers, unlike the current image headers, adapt to different screen and window sizes. When a window is wide, they'll shorten to the width of the right side. When narrow, the headers will move to the bottom and expand to fill a whole row.

The main drawback is the looks. Other than that, I can't see any problems. Please make sure to bring up any in the comments! :D

Also, I might make some slight alignment changes to go along with the headers if approved that'll make the main page look better, but I feel like it'll be too minor to mean much. (Mainly moving stuff from center to left and vice versa and right to center.) If you can't spot it in the example page, then it should be fine. :P

So yeah, replace headers or keep headers?

EDIT For the social network links, there's not much we can do... We could make it a table, but the spacing would look awkward on tablet portrait. Maybe leave it?

EDIT I just realized that NFF already does this. That's a better example? :P

EDIT If you can't see: Compare that to the current main page in tablet portrait.

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