• Anonymoustyd

    User:Anonymoustyd/tablet and mobile optimized (more like only tablet portrait :P)

    Should we switch to a main page that looks like this? (You'll have to preview it in the editor on a portrait-orientation tablet or a window that looks like one. Make sure to select tablet portrait under the preview menu too.)

    This is a style more optimized for tablet portrait users. The main difference from the current page is the side/bottom headers. As you can tell, the headers on the right/bottom look quite different from the left side, and this may not be pleasing to see for some of you.

    These headers, unlike the current image headers, adapt to different screen and window sizes. When a window is wide, they'll shorten to the width of the right side.…

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  • Anonymoustyd

    Are we sponsored by Google

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  • Anonymoustyd


    February 6, 2016 by Anonymoustyd

    I'm requesting for all the jam pages

    except for the ones published by nitrome

    to be deleted


    this is about the mobile game recently released, in case you dont know its somewhere here

    again, I mean no offense, and never will

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  • Anonymoustyd

    does not use a touchscreen.

    is right handed.

    either identifies as a he or she.

    and published blog posts without text for some weird reason, actually I guess this is my device or wikias fault lol nvm

    lol I'm sorry, but I hope this will let you know that our audience is very broad and its 2016.

    if I have offended you, I'm sorry. ;( I didn't mean to, and never will.

    imma copy this from chat:
    the point is that the wiki uses "he/she can do blah blah blah by clicking the left mouse button"
    it should be "primary mouse button or tapping" or something like this
    and instead of he/she, it should be "they" or "one" or something like this
    buttttt that's just my idea of a 2016 wiki

    and you can disagree :D

    by the way this is just a generic example you wont find any…

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  • Anonymoustyd

    i am a prick

    January 28, 2016 by Anonymoustyd


    Never mind the title I posted by accident and I'm just gonna repurpose this

    But anyway I want to talk about something

    So as you know I've been putting extra spacing in infobox and gallery codes

    However, looks like I've made it harder to read somehow for some people

    So, I just wanna ask what I should be doing in the future

    The infobox on the right or the top right or top I don't know what device you're using

    Ok, to be serious though, should I stop spacing?

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