Personal Dungeons for ReDungeon.

This is just my idea so please, no harsh feelings? Now what i have seen with many other games that contain dungeons is the ability to create your own dungeon that people can challenge themselves on/raid depending on the game, certain games like this are Dungeon Boss and King of Thieves, i think it would be nice ifReDungeon would do this, maybe the "Dungeon" would be accessed by reaching a certain level like Lvl 5 that would be implemented into the game, once the player got the Dungeon the player would immediately receive normal platfroms, the crumbling platforms, spikes and slimes. Although other Traps, Hazards and Enemies would be accessed by collecting Miniatures found while playing in the Dungeon. Once your Dungeon is created people can play it by going to the "Custom Dungeons" button on the screen after you die. People cam create as many dungeons as they like and upload them to the net, although your own dungeons would be accessed by the "Local Dungeons" inside the same space as the Custom Dungeons button, beneath the Local Dungeons button is the "Create Dungeon" button. Spinning Swords, Bats and Sawblades can be found 75+, Followers, Mimics and Ice can be found 125+, And all the rest can be found 180+, except for the electric laser things that would be found 245+.

What do you think? Please comment!

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