Upgrades are uncommon objects in Submolok that grant the alien craft an ability. These items appear to be distinct from satellite parts and when picked up, display a speech bubble with a brief animation on how to utilise the ability.


Floppy disk

For the floppy disk in Super Stock Take, see Wares.

The floppy disk is encountered in room 2, and once obtained shows different objects on the map.

Water holder

Found in room 3, the water holder improves Submolok's water jets outside of water, allowing him to move faster and also adding a water bar above his health.

The water holder appears as a small almost circular container filled with water, which has a metal base. When this object is obtained it visually changes the face of the alien craft so that it fills up with water when it the player is in water.

When outside of water, Submolok's face will slowly lose water when his thrusters are used on the surface. If player runs out of water the player will lose speed when on dry ground outside of water, but still be able to move.

Sign cont

If the player attempts to move around outside of water without the water holder, an image of the water container is seen at the on the top left corner of the screen.



This section is about bombs from Submolok. For bombs from other pages, please see Bombs.

The bomb powerup, found in room 5, allows the player to cause a short range explosion when all thruster buttons (E key, I key, X key, M key) are pressed. There are four power ups for the bomb, each which allow destruction of different coloured blocks.

The first power up grants the player a bomb, and allows the player to destroy square rock blocks. The coloured bomb upgrades when obtained allow destruction of that particular coloured block.

Bomb upgrades

There are a total of three different bomb upgrades, these being red, yellow and silver. The colour for each bomb upgrade allows the player to destroy that type of coloured block when the upgrade is obtained.


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The booster, found in room 7, is a power up that lets the player travel quicker and go into deeper areas. It is the fourth upgrade obtained.

Sign jet

If the player attempts to move into deep areas without the booster, the player will see an image of the booster at the top left corner of the screen.