Upgraded sentinel robots (or cutting laser sentinels) are enemies in the game Final Ninja Zero and are the special upgraded version of the more common sentinel robots. They do not appear in Final Ninja.


Upgraded sentinel robots have the almost the exact same appearance of usual sentinel robots. They have two rectangular pieces of metal on a cannon which can rotate and smaller pieces of metal at the bottom. Their shield is larger and they have their cannon replaced with a cutting laser.

Game information

These types of sentinels are encountered on level after the first battle with Maxwell Merlock. Upgraded sentinel robots have been upgraded and been given a cutting laser that is on all the time, and becuase it is on the sentinel robots shield does not have to come down to shoot, thus giving it full immunity to all of Takeshi's attacks. Upgraded sentinel robots also prevent Takeshi from going into stealth when they come, as the sentinel robot's cutting laser will hurt him.

Due to the upgraded sentinel robot's immunity to all of Takeshi's attacks, it can only be destroyed if a green mine is moved into it. As like there pre-updated version, there cutting laser will point the direction they will move. Their cutting laser cannot cut anything even though it has cutting in its name, the laser is only dangerous.