This article is about worms from Thin Ice. For worms from other games, please see Worms.

Underwater worm
Underwater Worm
An underwater worm poking its head out of the ice
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Breaking through ice
Health Invincible
Game(s) Thin Ice

The underwater worm is an indestructible enemy that only appears in Thin Ice. It is unique in that it is the only enemy in the Frost Bite series that can harm the Eskimo, but cannot be killed.


Each level starts with the worm under the ice, where its shadow is only seen. When out of the ice, the underwater worm is seen with a furry, worm-like body, and a visible yellow eye near the head. Its mouth consists of an opening with four long, curved teeth. The rest of the underwater worm's body is furry as well.

Game information

The underwater worm appears throughout the later levels of Thin Ice. It resides underwater and is able to track the Eskimo's movements, although it will not catch up to the Eskimo if the Eskimo continues to move away from it at a constant pace. Because it already dwells underwater, the worm itself cannot be killed like the other enemies which make their appearance in Thin Ice.

If the Eskimo remains still, allowing the worm to catch up, it will pop out, smashing the ice above it. The head will be seen for a few seconds, after which it will return back to the water, following the Eskimo once more. A hole is left where the worm once was, but will disappear once the worm goes back underwater.

Rather than falling into the hole made by the underwater worm when it strikes through the ice, the Eskimo will only lose the same amount of health as though she hit an enemy.

Strategies for avoiding the worm

Since the worm moves so much slower than the Eskimo, it can be easy to distract it for a short period of time while the Eskimo defeats other enemies. The worm will break through the ice when the Eskimo skates over its head. The Eskimo can go to an opposite corner of where their target enemy is, and then wait for the worm to follow. Once there, the Eskimo can skate over its head and then glide away while the worm gets itself ready and then attacks.

While the worm is busy attacking, the Eskimo can go defeat the enemy or grab the pick-ups they want while the worm is distracted. The worm also takes a while longer to get back to the Eskimo because it goes so slow, which give the Eskimo more time do what they want in a worm-free way. Once the worm returns to the Eskimo, they can go back and repeat the process.

Other appearances

  • Winter skin - The worm appears poking its head out of some frozen water in the Winter skin.


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