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CC2 Boss
Attacks Eating the miners
Level Fifteen (last)
Health Four hits from dynamite
Game(s) Cave Chaos 2

The Under-Dweller is the first and only boss in the game Cave Chaos 2. It is not seen in the game's predecessor, Cave Chaos.


The Under-Dweller is a large, lizard like creature that lives at the bottom of the cave. it has tiny eyes, suggesting that it hunts by smell or "tasting" the air like a snake. It has tiny legs, suggesting that it doesn't move around much, or it is on the way of evolving into a snake.

It is as big as the entire screen, and is purple-colored like other enemies, except a bit paler. It has two long tongues in its mouth, which are seen when it bites. Oddly it has a crest on its head that implies that it is male, as it possibly uses the crest to attract a mate.

Game information

The Under-Dweller appears on the fifteenth (last) level of Cave Chaos 2. It acts similar to the snow avalanche in the game Avalanche. It will chase after the miners, then, when it comes in contact with dynamite, it will freeze and shut it's mouth for a few seconds.

When this happens, it will give the miners time to go forward. If a miner falls too far behind, regardless of if the creature is paralyzed or not, the miner will be eaten and killed.

Under Dweller Skull House

The miner's home

After escaping its wrath, the miner used its skull to make a house for himself.

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