Uncle Rico is a character in the game Super Treadmill, and is Billy's Uncle. He is a gym instructor who is trying to help Billy lose weight by coaching him in a dangerous treadmill.


Uncle Rico is bald, he has a red nose and a mustache. He also has pink cheeks, and wears a blue shirt and trousers and brown boots. He also wears blue bracelets and a necklace with a whistle which he uses to warn Billy the direction the treadmill is going to move, and seems to have some hair on his chest.

Game information


When Rico finds his nephew, Billy, overweight and eating sweets, he tells him how he can win a prize if he sends in a picture of himself (Billy) thin. He also tells Billy he can only do this if he practices every day on a dangerous treadmill.

Billy takes up the offer, and practices everyday on the treadmill. Every time Rico is about to take a picture of Billy thin, Billy starts getting nervous, which makes him hungry and Billy starts eating and gets fat again.

Penguin 1

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ST Uncle Rico Fat

Fat Uncle Rico

On the final level of Super Treadmill he actually attacks Billy to give him more exercise, and Billy manages to defeat him. One year later, Billy tells his uncle he managed to get thin by himself, by eating healthy and exercising. Uncle Rico is now very fat, and then he tells Billy he was in a bet in which he had to take photo of him thin. As he lost, he had to eat twenty times his weight.

In game

He gives signals about what Billy should do, and is seen laughing every time Billy fails completing the workout.

He is also a boss on the final level, where he attacks Billy by running, to throw him off the screen.


Uncle Rico will give signals about what the treadmill is going to do by an icon in a speech bubble. Below is a list of them:

Boss battle

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ST Uncle Rico Attack

Uncle Rico's attack.

At level twenty-eight, the last day, Uncle Rico will appear in the treadmill and say "GET READY BILLY... IT'S BOSS TIME! HA HA HA!". On this level, the treadmill won't move and Uncle Rico will attack Billy by running, trying to hit him to throw him off the treadmill.

The player should move fast to avoid being hit by him, which in some cases might be lethal. Uncle Rico will eventually stop running, and then the player should jump on his head. After it, he will continue with his attack. The player has to repeat this for 3 times, and then, the boss will be defeated and the level is beaten.


Lose 90% of your body weight in one single run!

Uncle Rico, talking about his treadmill on day 1

Gr... Better get back on the treadmill Billy!

Uncle Rico on day 6

You know Billy, if you let me take a photo of you thin... I'll give you a hotdog!

Uncle Rico on day 18


Other appearances


  • Uncle Rico says he is the winner of the "hunky uncle of the year 1983" contest, 5 time winner of the "best stylized chest hair awards" and 12 times winner of the "ultra stick man contest".
  • Uncle Rico is said to be evil, but in the game he shows no signs of being evil, except for laughing when Billy fails his workout and for being the boss of the final level.
  • Uncle Rico's name is taken from the film Napoleon Dynamite (both characters also look very similar).
  • Uncle Rico seems to have difficulties with cameras.
  • Uncle Rico resembles the cartoon character Popeye.
  • Uncle Rico's speed up sign is used for both the treadmill speeding up and slowing down instead of having a sign for each speed.