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The Ultimasher 3000 is a tool seen only in the ending of the game Rubble Trouble.


The Ultimasher 3000


The Ultimasher 3000 was bought by the demolition crew with the money gained from destroying old buildings. Larry, Garry, and Barry all controlled parts of the machine.

The Ultimasher 3000 has a base, where all the other tools are attached to, four wheels are attached to the bottom also. The front of the vehicle has two big jaws used for crushing Bricks.


The ending screen of Rubble Trouble New York

Also attached to the front of the vehicle is a cockpit like area with Barry in it, who controls a drill that can drill into bricks and not fly off. The cockpit is attached to the base of the Ultimasher by extendible yellow beams, which allow for movement to other areas for drilling. At the back of the Ultimasher is Larry in a similar cockpit, he controls two small jaws that can also extend to areas and crush bricks with its jaws, extendability thanks to its extendable beams attached to the back of the Ultimasher.

Garry controls the wheels of the Ultimasher. On the top of the base of the Ultimasher are two hinges attached to two square like objects, which between them hold a long beam with a hammer on the end. These square like objects possibly fire rocket. The hammer, presumably controlled by Garry, can smash several bricks at once with its power and size.

Game information

The Ultimasher 3000 only appears in the ending.


Rubble Trouble Drill-Mobile

The unused tool

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