This article is about cows from Bad Ice-Cream 3. For cows from other games, please see Cows.

Udder cows
BIC3 Udder Cow2
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Following the player, breaking ice blocks
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Bad Ice-Cream 3

Udder cows are enemies in the game Bad Ice-Cream 3. They first appear on level one.


Udder cows look similar to white cows, however, where their mouth should be, they have large pink udders. Udder cows are small pear-shaped monsters that are black and white in colour and have two horns. On the front of their body they have two black eyes.

Game information

Udder cows first appear on level one. They move quite slowly, they do little jumps, and therefore are easily outrun by the player. Occasionally, they will smash their udders against an ice block to break it.


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