This article is about UFOs from Space Hopper. For UFOs from other games, please see UFO.

Attack Flying into the Astronaut
Abilities Flying around and going through planets.
Points None
Game(s) Space Hopper

UFOs are enemies in the game Space Hopper. They are first encountered at level 14.


UFO's sit in a space ship with a tube of glass over their heads. The bottom of their ship is grey and flat like a disc with several holes in it making light come out. The UFO's themselves are orange with tube like heads. On their head is a white dot with two black eyes beneath it.

They have a short neck connecting to their body witch is slightly hidden. They heave two arms connecting from their body with two fingers on each. They constantly wave their arms making them seem to be crazy or terrified.

Game information

UFO's are only encountered on level fourteen and fifteen. They go back and fourth in a pattern and are dangerous to touch. They move at varying speeds prove as a annoyance.

If a planet comes within their range their flying range they will pass through it. Two are first encountered at level fourteen then about six appear at level fifteen. They are only enemy in Space Hopper that is only seen in two levels.

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