This article is about UFOs from Bad Ice-Cream 3. For UFOs from other games, please see UFO.

The UFO is an interactive object in the game Bad Ice-Cream 3.


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UFOs are flying metal objects that can be controlled by the player. A glass dome is in the center of the metal saucer and has an antennae on top. When the Ice Cream character is inside, it appears to be a grey alien-like creature due to the colour and distortion of the glass. A dark shadow is underneath the UFO to show where the player should stand in order to get inside of it, and the light on the antenna indicates which player is controlling it by way of colour.

Game information

UFOs must be stood under in order to get inside them. A blue-green beam of light will flash below the UFO and the character will be transported inside. The player can then control the UFO to fly around. This is needed to get dragon fruit. UFOs will beam up fruit that is on the ground when they pass over the fruit. Peppermints with bombs are hazardous to the UFO and will destroy it on contact.

To exit the UFO, the player must hit the key they have assigned firing ice to, this either being Space or Slash key. When the player enters the UFO, the light on the antenna glows a different colour depending on which flavour has entered it (i.e. white/beige for Vanilla, blue for Bubble Gum, red for Smokey Bacon). Interestingly, the colours for Chocolate and Strawberry appear to be switched, as choosing Strawberry yields a brown light, and Chocolate yields pink.