Two Headed Troll
A Two Headed Troll on a T-shirt
Gender N/A
Species Troll
Faction N/A
Health N/A
Level(s) Troll Marsh level 17: Wood Floats, Troll Marsh level 19A: Cut the Ice, Under Dwell Level 23: Squash Blocks
Status N/A
Game(s) Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

The Two Headed Troll is a type of mythical Troll in Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage.


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Game information

The Two Headed Troll is mostly seen on giant, yellow-coloured, diamond-shaped signs placed in the backgrounds of levels. The signs depict a black-and-yellow version of a Two Headed Troll. These signs appear multiple times throughout the game, although the Two Headed Troll does not.

Penguin 1

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It's revealed at the end of Under Dwell that he is actually the Village Chief


From the Icebreaker iOS website Characters page:

Much like Yetis, the Loch Ness Monster and Little Green Men, all cultures have their own myths and legends. In the world of Icebreaker many believe in the ‘Two Headed Troll’. Though it has never been proven to exist there is such a following that it has resulted in many to wear the now infamous ‘I believe’ T-Shirts, carry Bumper Stickers on their boats and even take tours along the sites that the Two Headed Troll is said to have been spotted!

Most Scientists discount the existence however and consider it to be little more than folklore, misidentification [sic] and Vikings dressing up to hoax others. Though it is true that many troll species have evolved to suit their surroundings, the idea that one could adapt so much as to grow a second head has been labelled preposterous.

Other appearances

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