The arena

Twin Shot is an arena in Bump Battle Royale, serving as the second level in the campaign. This arena comes from the Twin Shot series where the angels are fighting in the normal levels (levels 1-50 in Twin Shot and Twin Shot 2).


This arena is square in shape and has no walls or barriers of any kind, with the exception of four pillars located on the corners of the arena. The arena is made of brown and goldish-orange stone suspended high in the clouds. The outer border and centre square of the arena are made of light brown stone, while the inner border is dark brown and has several brown square patterns inside of it. A waterfall is located at the middle of the top of the stage and pours water in a straight vertical path down the centre of the arena. Standing on the top of each corner pillar is a dark creature that is watching and cheering the battle on. Two of the dark things hold signs bearing the angel's face on it.

Game information

The Twin Shot arena is the second arena encountered in Campaign Mode and is unlocked for multiplayer modes upon being completed in Campaign Mode.

During campaign mode, the player fights two opponents: angel and worker with cap. The waterfall on the arena is the only hazard on this level. When driving into the waterfall, the cart will be pushed downwards towards the bottom edge of the arena. To avoid falling off the stage, the waterfall must be moved across quickly, as it can push an idle bumper car off the stage. The waterfall can, however, be used to get around an opponent by riding it a certain distance and then moving off of it to flank them.

The Twin Shot arena appears in the front page trailer for Bump Battle Royale.


  • This is one of the few stages that does not have any quotes or comments designed to specifically talk about events occurring from the stage itself.
  • Dark creatures will jump if the player bumps into the pillar they stand on.

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