Attack Firing bullets
Damage Instant death
Game(s) Plunger

Turrets are hazards in Plunger. They are first seen in level 3.


Turrets are red coloured with a glossy coating over them. Their square-shaped fixture has a jagged border of white across it.

Game information

Turrets are found in levels 3, 4, 8, 11 and 23. They are first encountered in the same level as eater nodes. They are fixed to a spot, often against one side of a wall or ceiling. As Plunger moves around the level, the gun pivots on the fixed point to point in the main character's direction. If Plunger is within firing range of the turret, it will fire an orange bullet every two seconds. Bullets travel in a straight line in the direction the turret was facing in upon shooting. They disappear once they hit a surface.

If a bullet hits one of Plunger's ropes, the bullet will burn the rope and move towards the centrepiece. The bullet will eventually burn Plunger if the player does not move it. Bullets automatically kill Plunger if they hit the centre directly.


Turrets in level 23 appear to have a wider gun component than turrets encountered in previous levels. These turrets display an effect when they prepare to fire a bullet. Bullets fired from these hazards are larger than the other turrets, and travel down Plunger's ropes faster when they hit. They also fire bullets at a slower rate, with one bullet every three seconds.


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