Attack Fires bullets
Damage 1 hit (cat
Game(s) Fat Cat

Turrets are hazards in Fat Cat.


Turrets are navy blue spherical entities with a pink eyespot and two visible green dots spheres with four green dots: one on the front and one on the side. The bullets generated from the turret are typically pink and circular. They appear to be "fixed" in midair.

Game information

Turrets remain in one place and can usually be found in groups. They constantly fire bullets that hurt the cat on contact. Most turrets shoot pink bullets, though others may shoot a cluster of three blue bullets in a horizontal line or dark blue bullets in a triangular cluster.

A turret itself cannot be killed by the owl, though the player can use the owl to block bullets fired from turrets, except for bullet clusters. By moving the owl's body over the turret, the player can prevent any bullets from passing through it.

Turrets can only be destroyed if a move block is pushed into them. When the block is pushed into their place, they explode and are not seen in that same spot for the rest of the level.

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