Turner in his usual form
Species Block
Faction Good
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Enemy 585, Office Trap, Bump Battle Royale

Turner is the second main character in the game Enemy 585. Turner appears as a trap in Office Trap, but appears without a block in his head and different blocks.

Game information

Enemy 585

In Enemy 585, Turner assists Enemy 585 through the six worlds in the game. Turner changes throughout the game, with different blocks on himself, hazards and also springs. Turner is unable to move when Enemy 585 is on him, but if tried really hard to move in a direction for a short time while Enemy 585 is on top of him, Turner will move in that direction shortly.

In the ending for Enemy 585, Turner is unable to stop Enemy 585 from the moat he is about to walk into, because some blocks are in Turner's way, and he cannot reach Enemy 585. Enemy 585 however, stops without Turner's help, something he could not do before. As Enemy 585 walks off screen, Turner follows.

Office Trap

Trap Turning

Turner in Office Trap

Turner appears as a trap in Office Trap. When his trap button is pressed, a square with one side missing will pop up, with Turner's face in the middle. This block will slowly turn, but is unable to harm the player.

The only way Turner can harm the player is if they are in the position Turner moves to, and the player is crushed. This trap prevents them from jumping up or walking in a direction, for a short time. The missing piece allows them to jump or walk in the area the piece is in. Turner first appears on level 28.

Bump Battle Royale

Turner appears in Bump Battle Royale as an interactive object on the Enemy 585 arena. Turner's head will randomly pop up on one of the blocks in the middle of the course, and if player manages to drive over Turner's head when it is blue, Turner will become angry and cause the player to stop and a horizontal meter to appear, this meter having a vertical bar that moves across the meter.

Pressing the acceleration button causes the bar to stop, the meter to disappear, and the player being able to move again. If the player stops the bar on the middle of the meter, a giant shockwave will be released that can push nearby opponents far away.



  • It is not known how Turner came into the King Frog's castle, or what it did after helping Enemy 585, since nothing is said about him through the entire game.
  • Turner is likely a reference to Tetronimos from Tetris.
    • Turner could also be a reference or incorporate elements from the platform from the Mario series.
  • His cameo appearances are riding around on wheels in the Nitrome 2.0 skin (along with all of the other characters), and as a free printable papercraft model in Nitrome's shop (along with Enemy 585 and a squish block).
  • His design in papercraft isn't seen in any level.

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