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Can you make it through the dungeons in our tiny turn based puzzle game?
Released September 26th 2012
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Levels 11

←↑↓→ - Move, attack

Prequel/Sequel Rust Bucket
Credits Programming
Aaron Steed
Stefan Ählin
Dave Cowen
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Turnament is a puzzle turn-based icon game released on September 26th 2012. The player plays as Rust Bucket whose objective is to clear each level. This game was made a distributable game on March 6th, 2013.


Left Up Down Right - Move, attack (when facing an enemy or breakable object)


In Turnament, the player has to navigate Rust Bucket through various levels. The design of each level is a flat floor, so that moving in any direction moves to an adjacent floor panel. Found in each level are coins that can be collected, and pots that can be smashed by tapping a directional key in front of them.

The game itself is based of a turn system. Every move the player makes, the enemies and traps take one turn as well. If the player stays still, the enemies do not move, and traps will not change their phases. At the end of every level, the player will be shown how many turns they have taken.


Level 1

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Turnament - level 100:32

Turnament - level 1

Level 2

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Turnament - level 200:53

Turnament - level 2

Level 3

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Turnament - level 301:11

Turnament - level 3

Level 4

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Turnament - level 401:55

Turnament - level 4

Level 5

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Turnament - level 502:20

Turnament - level 5

Level 6

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Turnament - level 603:47

Turnament - level 6

Level 7

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Turnament - level 702:51

Turnament - level 7

Level 8

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Turnament - level 803:39

Turnament - level 8

Level 9

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Turnament - level 902:36

Turnament - level 9

Level ♥ (Level 10)

Penguin 1

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To get the ending, the player has to go to the teleporter and take the right path to the princess. This summons the ending.

Turnament - level 10 Ending00:46

Turnament - level 10 Ending

Access to level !

The player has to go to the teleporter at the start of the level, then take the right path upon reaching the two paths. The player is required to have eighty coins, which is the sum of all the coins found from level 1 to 9. If they do not have all eighty coins, level ! is not unlockable.

However, upon obtaining eighty coins and going to the gate, Rust Bucket will be granted the ability to fire blue orbs. With his blue orbs, he has to now got to the princess, which will not summon the ending but teleport him to level !.

Level ! (level 11)

Penguin 1

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This level is very long and hard, difficult due to the constant fighting the player must endure through, and because of the massive amount of enemies the player must fight in each given room. This level itself is not much of a level, but somewhat like an arena with the player gaining access to the next stage upon defeating all enemies in the previous stage.

However, with Rust Bucket's orb firing ability, it is made a bit easier as the knight can sometimes position himself in such a way that he can fire a blue orb into an enemy.

Upon defeating the horde of thirty enemies at the end of the level, the player views the second ending, which is, in fact the first ending now updated to tell the player how much turns they performed to get to the end of level 11.

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Turnament - level 11 Ending05:26

Turnament - level 11 Ending


Penguin 1

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Turnament - Ending00:33

Turnament - Ending


Main article: Enemies (Turnament series)

  • Slimes - Moves every other time the player moves.
  • Skulls - Acts much like slimes, except that it moves twice as often.
  • Spiders - Leaps on every other move.
  • Sorcerers - Appears only on level nine and casts blue spheres.

Interactive objects

Main article: Interactive objects (Turnament series)

  • Pots - Pots are a very common level element. They can be smashed to sometimes reveal coins or keys. Since smashing a pot makes the player spend a turn without moving, they are a very important strategical elements when it comes to dealing with some enemies like skulls or spiders.
  • Coins - Coins appear when Rust Bucket smashes a rock or kills an enemy. There are a certain amount of coins hidden in each level.
  • Buttons and gates - Buttons lower a gate. Pressing normal buttons will cause the gate assigned to them to remain down, while heavy buttons require constant pressure (i.e. from a crate).
  • Ice tiles - These tiles force the player to slide across a row of ice tiles until a non-ice tile is met.
  • Keys and locks - Keys open a lock if the player has collected one and then comes into contact with the lock.
  • Teleporters - Teleporters teleports the player to another teleporter.
  • Crates - Crates are cube-shaped and can be pushed by the player. They can activate certain buttons that need to he held down in order for a gate to remain open.
  • Checkpoints - Checkpoints reset the level in terms of broken rocks, killed enemies, etc., so that everything was as it was before the player comes in contact with the checkpoint. Also, if a player dies, he/she will be sent back to the last checkpoint that was passed over, with the level reset as mentioned before.


Main article: Hazards (Turnament series)

  • Fire tiles - Fire ignites out of a certain fire tile. The fire spends two turns inside the fire panel, one where the panel is gray and "cool", and another where the panel is orange and "hot".
  • Fire cannons - Fire shooting blocks shoot balls of fire that move across the screen one block every time the player turns.
  • Spikes - Spikes spring up out of their panel and go down back into their panel every time the player moves.


  • "Turnament" is a portmanteau (fusion) of "turn" and "tournament".
  • For levels 10 and 11, the level select icons are a heart and an exclamation mark, respectively, instead of the levels' numbers.

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