Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Can jump
Health One blow
Game(s) Off The Rails

Tumbleweeds are enemies in the game Off The Rails.


Tumbleweeds appear as a tan ball with a red mouth and white eyes. As they jump, they spin around. They have a somewhat crooked mouth and semicircle eyes.

Game information

Tumbleweeds first appear in level six. They bounce forward on the road as normal jumping tumbleweeds, but they are very tricky to avoid. The only way to avoid a tumbleweed is to go under it while in mid-jump. The only way to stop their jumping progress is to run into them, causing them to blow up. Unfortunately, the player will have to restart the level if they use this method, so it is highly impractical.

To avoid them, the player should find a fast way to cross below them when they're in the air. This is tricky because they jump at a speed in which it makes more difficult to be avoided. Sometimes, they can appear in groups.