This article is about trolls from Bad Ice-Cream. For trolls from Square Meal, please see Trolls.

Green Troll
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Walk making quadrates.
Health Cannot be destroyed
Game(s) Bad Ice-Cream series

Trolls are enemies in the Bad Ice-Cream series


Trolls are green with large pink mouths. Above their mouth is also a protruding pink nose that is a dark shade of pink then the troll's mouth and the troll's black eyes are placed on either side.

Above the eyes is the troll's eyebrow that is dark brown. The troll also has horns extending from both sides of its head that are yellow and below the troll is its two feet that are the same green colour as its circle shaped body and its oval shaped head.

Game information

Green troll

A green troll trapped.

Trolls first appear on level 1 and are constantly walking if not caged in. If the Ice cream characters touch a troll, the troll will walk over them and flatten the characters.

Trolls move in a set pattern and will not change that pattern unless they are caged in or the player shoots ice in front of them so that they cannot continue their route. If a green troll is completely prevented from moving, it will stand still with a ? above its head.


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