This article is about skeletons from Square Meal. For skeletons from other games, please see Skeletons.

Troll skeletons
SM Skelleton
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Running to the trolls
Health One hit
Points One hundred
Game(s) Square Meal

Troll skeletons are enemies in the game Square Meal.


Troll skeletons are skulls, that are much similar in appearance to the trolls, with horns, body shape and eye holes similar to them. They have little feet with two claws. When a skeleton is hit, its eyes will turn into x, one bigger than other. When they are charging, they appear angry and their horns will be lowered.

Game information

When undisturbed, troll skeletons will walk around levels aimlessly until they see the player. Upon spotting a player's Troll Square, the troll skeleton will begin charging in that direction, not stopping until they hit the player or run into a wall. They will kill the player on contact. 

Like every enemy in Square Meal, troll skeletons must be defeated and eaten. They can be stunned by spitting out any block at them, and it hitting them. While they are stunned, the trolls are able to eat them, granting the player one hundred points when they do.


  • Troll skeletons perform the same movements and attacks as Narwhals from the Bad Ice-Cream series, although troll skeletons cannot break blocks.

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