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Attack Firing Poison Balls
Health Gun(GS) - 30 shots
Sword(GS) - ?
Grenade(GS) - One hit
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

Triffids are enemies from Graveyard Shift.


These enemies have no eyes, but they do have hands. They have the head of a brown yellowish flower, with a stem extending down to its round green body. In the middle of the flower is a hole with teeth surrounding the inside edges of it.

Game information

Triffids are an enemy introduced in level three of Graveyard Shift. They are annoyances, as they fire dangerous projectiles that deal damage and poison the player if it hits. They also have a lot of health, and thus are difficult to kill before they fire at the player. Triffids, however, walk slower than zombies, and are often seen walking a short distance left before firing. Triffids also take a few seconds longer to fire their poison balls than zombies firing their slime balls. Triffids are also not capable of immediately firing another poison ball at the player after firing one poison ball.

Triffids, due to their high health and dangerous projectiles, are commonly encountered in a group of two, or just one single triffid. Triffids are not that common in Graveyard Shift, and in later levels are found residing in holes, so they can move up, fire a poison ball at the player, and retreat back into the hole for safety. They are unable to be damaged while in the hole, and will soon pop back out again to fire again at the player. They are unable to walk away from the hole.

Other appearences

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