Trident (DE)
Ability Stabs
Damage Medium
Belongs to Can pick it up:
All (except priests of Hecate and gladiators)
Game Double Edged

The trident is a weapon in the game Double Edged.


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The trident has three blades closely placed together. It is also black.

Game information

The trident weapon is present only on levels the red and green lizard men preside in, as this weapon is only brought into battle by them, and the only weapon the lizard-headed creatures can use. All types of enemies can pick this weapon up, except for the ones who cannot pick them (priests of Hecate and gladiators). The trident is a melee weapon, and unlike most weapons in Double Edged which slash downwards, the trident makes stabbing motions.

This weapon strikes pretty fast, and prevents struck enemies from attacking for a split second. The fast attacking capabilities of the trident are useful for combat, as an enemy struck three times in a row will be knocked unconscious. The trident creates an easy way for traversal of levels with its easy unconscious giving combo and quick movement.


  • Tridents can be used for spear fishing, hinting that the lizard men may be fishermen.

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