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Alien skull
The Triclopian's Emblem
Commander Unknown (possibly Omega Dragon)
Base Unknown
Location Unknown
Reinforcements Many
Weapons Many
Enemies Soldiers
Status Destroyed

Triclopians are the enemy forces in Bullethead. They are fighting a war against the soldiers for an unknown reason.


The Triclopians - for reasons unexplained in the game - began waging a war against the Soldiers. They used much air vehicles to try and land and kill the soldiers, but were stopped by the soldier' gun helmet.

Through much battling, they released they possible strongest weapon: the omega dragon. With this also being destroyed, the Triclopians possibly retreated or were completely wiped out.


Although the Triclopians vary in design, all the aliens have at least one of the following:

  • Purple skin
  • Three eyes
  • Their emblem: A skull with three eyeholes


The Triclopians consist of many types of strange creatures. Most of these creatures have a characteristic they all share, but although having this, often times look very different from each other. Triclopians sometimes may deploy alien species to fight for them.

Intelligent Species



The Triclopians seem to be armed with a large amount of destructive weapons and robots capable of using them.




  • Rockets - one-direction moving hazards that make a small explosion
  • Homing rockets - rockets with the ability to always be aimed at the player.
  • Black saws - fast moving hazards that move on the edges of the screen
  • Electric portal - defenseless portal that spawns bugs
  • Jumbo rocket - giant, slow moving object that makes enormous blast upon impact with the surface
  • Bomb - slow exploding floor-hazards
  • Giant blocks - enormous block used to confine the player in certain areas of the screen
  • Brain controlled drills - drills controlled by a "Brain" that can drill holes in the floor

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