Red Feather Guy
Gender Unspecified
Species Human
Faction Good
Health 3 hits
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Onekey

The tribesman, called One Key on the avatars tooltip, is the main character of Onekey. Unlike some Nitrome games which allow direct control, the tribesman is controlled indirectly by interaction with the surrounding environment.


The tribesman appears as a humanoid creature. He has a square-shaped body, with two small arms and legs that have no toes or fingers. One Key's body is entirely brown, but he wears black, white, and red face-paint on him. He has a bone that goes in one side of his mouth, and comes out the other. On top of his head, he has a red and white feather.

Game information


The tribesman was a part of his village. He went to a very old area to pass the trials.

One Key finally exited the old area alive, and by doing this, he passed the trials. The tribe then held a feast in his honour.


During the game, the tribesman can only walk forward, so the player must manipulate their environment in order to get him safely across the level. He has three hearts, but if One Key loses all of them, his feather will come off, and he will fly up in the air then fall off the screen. He is very light, and can be bounced by springs.

Hazards and enemies will damage One Key and cause him to lose health. One Key can also swing on vines, and has to be safely navigated in each level to the goal mouth.

Skin appearances

  • Horror - One Key appears with worms in his head.
  • Party - One Key appears sitting down.



  • When hurt or killed, the tribesman makes the same sound Jack Frost does when damaged or killed.

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