Tri-pointed cubes
Tri-pointed cubes
Attack Shoots bullets, moves around in level
Health Approximately five bullets from owl
Game(s) Fat Cat, Super Stock Take

Tri-pointed cubes are enemies introduced in level four of the game Fat Cat and appear later in levels eighteen and twenty. One also appears as a ware in level thirteen in Super Stock Take.


Tri-pointed cubes are a slightly tan coloured with six visible points that stick out of it. Just below the top point is a small black rectangle where its eyes are.

Game information

Fat Cat

On most of the levels where this enemy appears in, it normally shoots a circle of bullets, similar to that of a lawn sprinkler. They often appear as a group with other enemies of its kind, and the cat may find it challenging to dodge their attack of bullets.

Destroying them with the owl, however, will not take the player as long of a time to do as opposed to some of the other bigger enemies. When seen, the tri-pointed cube moves in a continuous, predictable motion, and is often seen in groups of a certain section in the level.

Super Stock Take

A tri-pointed cube appears as a ware in the game Super Stock Take on level thirteen.

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