Tree enemies
Organic Floating Trees
Attack Shooting bullets, small green creatures and bees
Game(s) Fat Cat

Tree enemies are enemies in Fat Cat.


They have a large round head with leaves sticking out on either side. Holes on the large part of the enemy reveal some white inside its body. Just below the bottom holes, there is a yellow eye. The body is attached to a round and dark coloured platform that looks similar to the cover on King Shroom.

Game information

Tree enemies can attack by spewing out bullets or spawning small green creatures. Using the owl, the player can fend off the tree enemies' attacks by blocking bullets and killing any smaller enemies. They are often present in areas with lasers nearby, and take several seconds to completely with a megaburp.

Tree enemies also make an appearance in level 14, where two of them accompany King Kacta. They are positioned on either side of the screen and move vertically at a constant rate, sending out periodic streams of bullets that travel in a diagonal direction.

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