This article is about treasure chests from Twin Shot (series). For treasure chests from other games, please see Treasure chests.

Treasure chests
Treasure Chest Twin Shot 2
Ability Releases coins and/or power ups
Game(s) Twin Shot series

Treasure chests are a type of interactive object in the Twin Shot series.


Treasure chests are rectangular chests that are gold and brown coloured and rarely appear in levels.

Game information

Treasure chests appear out of thin air, and when they appear, the sound of a bird will be heard, which is the same sound heard when any item appears out of thin air. Treasure chests will they appear disappear if not opened fast enough. To open a treasure chest, the player has to shoot it with an arrow, which will cause the treasure chest to release its contents.

Treasure chests hold mostly a lot of gold coins, which usually add 500 to 1000 points to the player's score. Occasionally a power up will be inside the treasure chest when it is opened. The treasure chest makes a cameo appearance in Double Edged. The chest in Double Edged does the same thing, only it will occasionally have a mutton or turkey.

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